Our pricing structure has changed into something much simpler. We really want to encourage everyone interested in using Captivated Images for their photographic art to make an appointment to come in and visit with us for a few minutes. This allows us to do a few things. First, and most importantly, it gives us a chance to meet you and talk to you about the type of photography you are looking for in terms of style and location. Second, it gives you the chance to view all of our products. Our product line has changed and really expanded. We are very excited to make these new things available to you. Products range from simple gift prints to elaborate custom-designed albums and canvas clusters. These are all things that have to be seen in person to appreciate and get a good idea of exactly what they are and what you will want. Finally we can book the session or wedding right then if you'd like and we can discuss clothing and everything you will need to make your session a success.

But just so you don't think we're trying to duck the price issue, here are the basics:
$150 is the price for any of our sessions whether for seniors, families, babies, maternity, or anything else. After we shoot your session, we will have a premier event just for you and anyone you would like to invite. You will be able to order anything that you would like at that time. We'll discuss everything at your consultation.